Happy, Safe Summer

Reminder from West Lancs Police

As the summer holidays are fast approaching it is important that we remind you to stay safe and not to be tempted into anti-social or criminal behaviour during this period.

Unfortunately, there have been some incidents involving knife crime over the last couple of months in the Preston area.  We are robustly investigating these incidents and it is a reminder to you all that anyone involved with knives will be dealt with appropriately.  We have been into many schools over this last year to talk about knife crime and we sincerely hope you remember our message – DON’T CARRY KNIVES.

If, over the summer period, you find yourself in a situation where your safety is at risk, e.g. someone has a knife or weapon, don’t put yourself in danger.  Tell your friends you are leaving and don’t be persuaded to stay.  Get away.  If you need a place of safety make sure it is a well-lit area with members of the public around and tell a responsible adult e.g. parent, police or neighbour.

We have also had an increase in reports of children entering derelict buildings.  We have had many reports of anti-social behaviour, fires being started and general nuisance in and around these buildings.  They are extremely dangerous and unstable structures.  Anybody entering them is putting themselves at great risk of serious injury or worse still, death.  The fire service will tell you how dangerous fire is and how it can spread, but we all know the dangers and it goes without saying, anybody deliberately starting fires will be dealt with accordingly.  We want you to enjoy your holiday but don’t want you to put yourself at risk so please don’t enter these buildings or engage in these activities

Hopefully it is a long hot summer and you can enjoy yourselves outside. But please refrain from cooling down by entering bodies of water e.g. lakes, rivers, reservoirs and quarries.  They may look inviting on a hot summer day, but dangers lurk beneath the surface of the water and every year there are tragic accidents in and around our area. 

Enjoy your summer and come back to school in September safe and well.

Please be responsible and make good choices.

Thank you.